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Corporate Image Maintenance Provides Sustainable Janitorial Services And Solutions
For The Total Business Enterprise

Sustainable janitorial service is Corporate Image Maintenance's cleaning brand that can be used by any customer seeking to create a healthier working environment for their employees. Customers have the opportunity to obtain. Sustainable Cleaning that will fit their budget. Sustainable cleaning is provided at no additional cost! Whatever service level is selected we guarantee that your office will be cleaned in an environmentally friendly way to enhance your company's image and safeguard your investment.

We provide services to corporate offices, educational institutions, goverment agencies, fitness clubs, industrial complexes, medical offices and warehouse operations. We provide services to the Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside communities.



Sustainable Cleaning
focuses on balancing environmental-health cleaning with economic and social benefits.

Sustainable Cleaning uses chemicals and processes focused
on environmental
and health benefits.
It address all components of the
triple bottom line, environmental balance, sound economics' and
social responsibility.